Consumer Insights

Using our proprietary research style that turns customers inside out, we find the critical insights within specific consumer segments to shape our clients’ comprehension of their own brand.

Tap into our network of regional researchers across the country to understand what your consumers think about you, your ideas, or your products. From big vexing 30,000 foot questions down to quick turn around product testing, our network taps segmented influencers and average folks alike, giving you a real life view of what your customers think about you.


Once we understand the conversations around your brand and your goals for the future, Kickstand helps you recast and amplify those conversations. We create strategic, integrated, and targeted campaigns that help you tell your story and build your brand.


Our customer-centered approach helps us answer the hard questions and find the creative, affordable, and executable solutions that will get your customers excited. Consulting areas: “green” messaging done right, brand DNA exploration, and customer-focused marketing and product design