SmartLiving in the Big [green] Middle
an insights report

SmartLiving in the Big [green] Middle is one of the largest ethnographic studies on mainstream America’s perceptions of sustainability. Over the course of nearly a year, we had 350 conversations in 25 communities around the country, followed 10 families through the process of change over time, and collected information from more than a 1,000 households in online surveys.
Our research has found that there is a great interest in sustainability in mainstream America that hasn’t been adequately addressed. We call this group of 185 million Americans The Big [green] Middle.

SmartLiving in the Big [green] Middle shows who these customers are and what they want.

  • It identifies a common process that consumers go through when making decisions about purchases that are better for the environment or their health.
  • It reveals how brands have made mistakes in developing and marketing “green” to their customers.
  • It shows new implications for brands to reach a wider audience.
  • Finally, this report provides guidance on how to approach marketing a sustainable brand or concept.

Check out some sample pages from the report:


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