Happy Outlets

A timelapse of the happy socket being installed on buildings around Boulder, CO.

EnergySmart Outtakes

We always go out of our way for our clients but c’mon, this is ridiculous. The budget was tight and since we did the strategy (and Robb had the pasty body required), he jumped right in.

Community Outreach and Insights

Taking a message to the streets and hearing what residents think.

What do you know know about where your power comes from? Take the survey.

Boulder’s Energy Future

Cleaner, affordable power that’s produced more locally. That’s what Boulder’s Energy Future is all about. This is a short motion graphic that we did to explain what the city is doing.

Boulder, CO’s Energy Future

What happens when a city has a vision for a brighter energy future? A lot. Some of our insights and strategy from this never-been-done-before community revisioning project are hitting the streets in Boulder, CO over the next couple weeks.

We Can See the Flatirons

Yah, we know, it’s so totally Boulder, BUT we can see the Flatirons from our new office. Just sayin.

Shifting Culture, Selling Product

Getting someone to buy a new alternative product that is healthier for them or better for the planet seems like a no-brainer. It should be easy, right? People should flock, shouldn’t they? Then why don’t they always?

Why can’t Toyota get everyone to drive a Prius? Why don’t more people take mass transit? Why don’t I drink more water?

Without being overly hyperbolic, it’s because we’re addicted to comfort and routine.

In our SmartLiving study we found that when a consumer decides to replace a conventional trusted product with a new alternative product, it is a much bigger deal than when a consumer shifts between brands. This shift is more seismic…MORE

Recycling is Garbage

True or False? Recycling is good for the environment? When we ask people this question, the resounding answer is True. But from our perspective, and not many people say this, recycling is actually bad. Let me explain.

What Fuels Your Power?

Seriously, the shortest survey ever. 20 seconds of your time and you might even learn something new!

Take it now!

Companies Must Lead the Way

Our friends over at Treehugger posted a story about Electrolux incorporating plastics that they pulled out of oceans around the world into their design. Check out the Electrolux blog. As my four year old son would say, “how cool is that?”

We know from our SmartLiving research that consumers want companies to lead the way when it comes to treading lighter on the planet. This is a great example of a company shifting minds and leading with inovation. That’s a powerful thing. This is such a cool little campaign because it has the potential to help shift the way people think, it positions Electrolux as a thought leader, and it gives back.

The crew over at 5 Gyres knows more about what ends up in our oceans than anyone else. Check ’em out. If you haven’t heard about the 5 gyres, it will blow your mind.