Power Shift in Boulder

Check out the Triple Pundit post we wrote about Boulder voters passing an initiative to investigate forming a municipal utility to have more renewable energy into the grid.

The Vote Draws Near

A couple of great articles in the Huff Post and NY Times on Boulder’s Energy Future. We’ll find out tomorrow how the vote goes!

We’re drunk with awesome

We just returned from a quick trip to Las Vegas where we met with over thirty stakeholders who are invested in demand side energy management in Nevada.

Participants included members of the Nevada State Office of Energy; the Office of Sustainability for the City of Las Vegas; Home Free Nevada, who conducts the independent verification for the program; contractors who work directly with residents and conduct home energy assessments; non-profit leaders who work with schools and major employers; and researchers and academics from UNLV and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Needless to say, there were a lot of opinions in the room, and we had so much fun coordinating conversations. We looked at bad design and good, talked about why we were in the room, and got deep into “What it means to be a Nevadan.” Tears of pride were even shed! More to come as we roll out this campaign…

Modified vs Real Food

In case you were on the fence about GMOs, here’s some science. But really, it’s only the longest running scientific comparison of organic vs conventional farming. A paltry 30 years. So take it or leave it. Leave it if you need to justify having a Twinkie tonight.

And a little food for though–Why don’t we call GMOs “modifieds” instead of a benign acronym that doesn’t mean anything to most folks…how about some more proactive, disruptive, and persuasive language? We’re working on it.

Alliance for Innovation

We are a finalist in the Alliance for Innovation’s Transforming Local Government for our work shifting the way local governments do outreach. We always feel like a bunch of behavioral nerds and I think this confirms it!

SmartLiving in The Big [green] Middle

We are super excited to announce the release of our year-long study on sustainability in mainstream America: SmartLiving in the Big Green Middle.  Based on 350 conversations in 24 communities across the country and online surveys of over 1,000 households, this report reveals the process of change that consumers go through to shift to greener and healthier habits.

We’ve found some common entry-points and barriers to people making changes in everyday habits and purchasing decisions, which can really help brands who are trying to do the right thing reach new and motivated customers.

Check it out to read more.

EnergySmart to the Rescue Part II

EnergySmart to the Rescue

We’re creating a series of social videos for Boulder County, CO’s EnergySmart. This is the first one.

The GreenHouse is Back!

The GreenHouse is back!

A beautiful Victorian home nestled in Boulder, Colorado, The Green House is a one-of-a kind program that allows the nation’s most influential press to experience the latest in practical, planet-friendly products, services and technology. Up close and hands-on.

Over three weeks, 25 of the nation’s top editors and producers will be fully immersed into the best of sustainable living today. From cars they’ll drive to the appliances they’ll use, the entire Green House experience will transform the media’s view of sustainability, and in turn, how they report to the millions they reach, with host companies at the center of this new conversation.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in being a sponsor or, if you’re a working member of the media, attending.

Talking Energy

This is an awesome little book put together for Boulder’s Energy Future. We interviewed and photographed notable folks in Boulder (like Alex Bogusky, Lynn Hill, Nick Forster and many others) and talked to them about their energy. The middle of the book outlines the goals of the project to inform voters of the project. It was inserted into about 20,ooo papers in Boulder and distributed throughout the town. Download the PDF here.