Transparent, the next green

The concept of green is so last year. But is green marketing dead?

Nope. The game has just changed.

The new green is transparent. If you’re not really green and you say you are, you’re out of the game. If you really are green you need to put it in terms that people understand. The smoke and mirrors stuff is gone.

Social media and the current economic situation are good things for the sustainability movement. They are forcing competition. And here in the good ‘ol USA, competition is how things rise to the top.

So, in a nutshell, Mr. Greentech and Mrs. Cleantech owners, it’s great that you have a good green product. Really. But now you have to learn how to sell it among all the clutter and competition. It isn’t enough to say it’s green. It has to really compete.

And you, Mr. and Mrs. Greenwashers, you’re so last week. If you’re going to use sustainability to sell something, do it with authenticity. Your customers have gotten smarter.

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